Trip to Vermont

Our trip to VT was wonderful!
Here are a few of my favorite photos:
Stone Path to Barn
Sunrise over the Barn
Graduation Dinner

The Sugar House

"Wish you were there!" :) ~NBE

The Dungeon: BEFORE

Check out our latest project: Man Cave, Dungeon, Creepy Room... I mean, our BASEMENT! :)
So far, we have ripped out all of the old yellow ceiling tiles. Mr. Evans has requested this space to become his get away for guys nights, poker, video games, football, etc. The ceiling was very shallow, and he decided to paint the ceiling black after really liking the industrial decor in a restaurant we visited. I was against it at first, but it's starting to look very nice. We got inspiration for the black ceiling from photos like these:

More inspiration...

*Side note: After making a big fuss about not wanting to paint the ceiling black based on the argument that I had never seen anything like that EVER before... here I am in a photo at my girlfriends house... look at her painted black ceiling! Arggh... I so lost that battle. :)
So anyways, these are the anticipated BEFORE pictures:

Walk out to cellar.

Where we will put a sectional and TV.
(PS. We are trying to find a home for the faux fireplace in corner!)
From Cellar Door looking towards the Great Room straight ahead and the Utility Room on the far right.
Here are some INSPIRATIONAL photos for our Future Bungalow Basement:
Color Choice and Black Frames for Sports and Family Memorabilia.

Stair-well idea.

Built-in-bar idea.

Dream Utility Room

Thanks again for stopping by! Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas! ~NBE


June Bug

Ever since I was little, I can't hardly wait for summer to arrive. I'm not sure if it was for school to get out or because my birthday is June 3rd. But none-the-less, I'm a June bug. I always start celebrating summer a little early!
Riley likes to celebrate summer too by walking with me to get ice cream from down the street at Kovenor's Korner! Check out the cool 1950's photo above of the ice cream stand around the corner from our new house. The owners converted an old gasoline station to this ice cream stand in 1949, and it's still hopping today! Helps me really appreciate the neighborhood and history of our home!
ps...my birthday week was amazing. I have a gazillion birthday cards added to my mantle, new golf clubs, picture frame, "Promise" figurine for my new office, and a great time celebrating with my family and Mr!
always, natalie