June Bug

Ever since I was little, I can't hardly wait for summer to arrive. I'm not sure if it was for school to get out or because my birthday is June 3rd. But none-the-less, I'm a June bug. I always start celebrating summer a little early!
Riley likes to celebrate summer too by walking with me to get ice cream from down the street at Kovenor's Korner! Check out the cool 1950's photo above of the ice cream stand around the corner from our new house. The owners converted an old gasoline station to this ice cream stand in 1949, and it's still hopping today! Helps me really appreciate the neighborhood and history of our home!
ps...my birthday week was amazing. I have a gazillion birthday cards added to my mantle, new golf clubs, picture frame, "Promise" figurine for my new office, and a great time celebrating with my family and Mr!
always, natalie

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