Work. Work. Work. { Painting and A Bungalow Project Gets a New Address }

So, our porch is actually making some vivid progress now, and I’d like to share these photos.  Our rails are painted once (one more coat to go!) Last week, I really had difficulty honing in on the right photos from my previous post to inspire our porch.  Just a side note here to say thanks each of you who helped me comment on the pictures.  Especially Mike for putting up with me and coming along for the ride; Hollie… I love your input and your New Old Craftsman; and Jojeana at Secret Garden Cottage… your comments are really appreciated and blog is full of amazing ideas! THANKS!!

Well, the inspiration winner is definitely Riverside Cottage!!

riverside cottage



And, one coat of paint and primer later:

Porch After

Our bungalow also got a “new address” this weekend! 

Before: Black, painted, rotten wood numbers.

Moving In

After: New floating numbers.

ABP's new address

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the joy of our new home! 

Always, Natalie


Project Update: { Porch & Inspiration }

The porch rails are now primed a beautiful white!  Next, we will completely paint the rails; tear out the carpet, clean, and etch and paint or stain the porch floor; paint the door; and hopefully, hang a swing! 

Before I can move forward, I am trying to complete the color scheme, and I am having trouble deciding what color to paint the door: red, black, or other.  What are your thoughts? 

Some of my inspiration:

 { House Beautiful }

house beautiful rockers on porch

{ Classic, Black Front Door Inspiration }

black The Front Porch at Riverside Cottage

riverside cottage

Where you swing…

dream front porch

or rock…


Melaine’s Door at My Sweet Savannah

black door

Paula Deen's Door 

paula deens house

{ Red Inspiration }

See the Red Door on Charles Moore's Arlington Bungalow? This cutie was named Best Remodel in Southern Living!


 Karla's Door


I am dreaming of relaxing on the front porch, but my lasagna is calling!

Always, Natalie


Sneak Peak: { Our Mantel and the Big E! }

Here’s a sneak peak of our mantel decor and my favorite weekend purchase… Finally got the “Big E” from ANTHROPOLOGIE this weekend!  I’ve been eyeballing this stinker since our wedding!  Pardon the picture quality, but I couldn’t wait to show him off!


{so excited our home is finally coming together and looking like my style!}

ps~ I’m keeping my fingers crossed to win the Haley’s Cottage Rendezvous Vintage Candle giveaway at My Sweet Savannah! It would look super cute in the living room too!


{ Red. White. Blue. }

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays because of the fireworks.  My family is home to a few pyromaniacs, so I’ve always had a great display for every fourth and special family holidays {weddings, graduations, etc.}

Riley 07.04.2010

4th of July

This year the Fourth was spent in our new home, and I took advantage of the long weekend to work on a few projects!

ABP’s 4th of July Projects:

  • Flowers on Steps ($1.00/pot + paint pots with chippy white paint + small chalkboard squares painted on to the chippy white flower pots + chalk to describe flowers, our last name, and address numbers! = super cute walkway for the mailman, aka riley’s nemesis)


  • Project Motivation :) Red & White Drinks + Way Cute Red White & Blue Straws in Ball Jar


  • Flowers in Hanging Baskets

hanging basket 2

  • Pulled the Weeds

hanging basket

  • Boulevard Flowers: Everyone living in the Boulevards has an opportunity to claim a Boulevard Planter, but it’s first come first serve.  I planted these babies in late May, but they are just blooming so well, I had to post.  Plus, it’s a miracle they’ve made it till July and are holding strong… another reason to celebrate!!

    White Flowers

Last thing… I have a Red Dilemma: To keep or not to keep the front door red/burgundy, paint it a bolder true red, paint in black, or other ideas?