{ dallas }

This week I had an opportunity to take my first, "real" business trip.  I was very honored to attend a National Conference in Dallas, TX, with my boss and represent our agency. 

Dallas, Texas (June 2011)

I didn't have time to check out any houses.  But, we did get to take two nights out on the town. 

Me and my boss at the 2011 Gala

RJ's Mexican Cuisine

Heart Attack Grill
(If you know me, this place totally contradicts my typical health-freak stance.
But hey, rules are meant to be broken... right?)

As you can see, I did what I do best a this conference...
a lot of eating, learning, meeting people, exploring and talking!


{ pillow talk }

I recently scored an under-$20-deal on ebay...
Check out my new, white Ballard Designs pillow next to my faithful, brown Pottery Barn pillow.

Well hello, Gorgeous! 

Does my brown pillow remind anyone else of the famous Million Dollar Listing "pillow chop" by Chad Rogers?  Yes, I had to try the pillow chop after seeing him do that in an episode. It's so funny!


{ i heart bungalows }

I had no idea that I loved them until I visited my friend Hollie's home a few years ago. 
It was love at first sight...

Our Craftsman bungalow

Be sure to check out Hollie's site and house tour at I'm Busy Procrastinating!

A few months later, while house hunting with my husband, we found our first home... a bungalow on a boulevard of many others.  I couldn't wait to show Hollie photos at work and hope to steal bits and pieces of her ideas when I could. 

I just can't get enough of bungalows by living in one or by stepping outside and looking at the neighbors', so I continue to find inspiration and ideas for our home get my bungalow fix here:

Happy weekend, all!


{ checking back }

Hi, all! We are alive over here at A Bungalow Project! Since I began my new job, I've had many new experiences and a very busy schedule! Our bungalow has become a home I truly live in and use every day.  Can you believe it's been 6 months since I blogged?  It has flown by for me.  Here's what you've missed. 

  • Throughout January and April, I learned how to do taxes and coordinated a free tax program for families in our community who could not afford to pay someone to do their taxes... a difficult and rewarding project for sure.
  • Riley-dog (our mini dacshound) learned how to knock over our trash can as a puppy, and he still knocks it over every day.  I love my dog and our SimpleHuman lid-locking trash can. Here he is sitting so sadly on top of the suitcase before a trip.
  • Donated ten inches of my long hair to Locks of Love on April 1st.  I posted a prank pic of me in an extremely short style wig (think MiMi from Real Housewives of Atlanta) on my Facebook page, and my friends freaked.  It was fun dontating to a great cause and teasing my friends.  My hair is actually still shoulder length.
  • My husband's best friend planned a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya, and we took the trip of a lifetime.  I can't tell you the last time I felt that peaceful and happy!
  • I met a few "celebs"...
  • Ran my 3rd mini marathon with my dearest friends...
  • Bet on horses in Louisville on Derby Day (attending the actual Derby is still on the bucket list.)
  • Although I have lived in Indiana my entire life, I finally went to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time.  I'm not really into racing, but a local radio station chose our charity as their charity of choice for the Media Pit Crew Challenge where the winner receives a $5,000 donation for their charity.  We were about 6 seconds and a bad lugnut away from winning!
  • Found some warm weather to start working outside on our home again... my boulevard petunias are beautiful!
  • And, just celebrated my 25th birthday!
Can't wait to catch up and see what I've missed from you and get some great ideas for ABP this summer!!