Living Room: {Before & Almost After}

Prior to owning this home, I had not an ounce of decorating sense (some of you may argue that I still don’t quite get it). But, we think we’ve got the basic pieces now and just have to chose paint colors and seasonal decorations. I’m so excited to show you all our living room with real furniture in it!!


The Living Room Before


Empty Living Room



Our Living Room Today

New House Updates 008The Fireplace MantleNew House Updates 012 Craftsman Bookshelves with books, family photos, candles, Gracie Naranjo Pottery, and my Great-Grandmother’s flower vase. New House Updates 019 More books & photos… New House Updates 020 Fireplace with Craftsman bookshelves.New House Updates 021Bookshelves full of books, photo albums & more! New House Updates 022 My Mema’s McCoy Vase era 1940s, Gracie Naranjo Pottery from my mother in law… New House Updates 023 

Hope you enjoyed the changes!!

p.s. Thanks for Stopping By! ~N.E. & Riley!

New House Updates 026


  1. Jealous! It looks great. You are doing a fabulous job aa decorator :)

  2. Your room looks nice and spacious and open. I love the shelves flanking your fireplace and the idea that you've used special family heirlooms to decorate it. Very nice!

  3. I love the open feeling that exudes from your room. The little touches here and there, this is becoming a home. Looks wonderful. Love your blog. tammy

  4. Thanks! We are enjoying the room with furniture. This room has a strange traffic flow pattern as it joins our office and dining room, so we're thankful it's open! And trying my hand at decorating is pretty fun and am always looking for ideas!

  5. Thanks so much for the comment! I love your porch, I wish we had one like that. Can't wait to see how you decorate it for fall!