{ a running project }

One of my many projects is literally running.  I’ve always been a decent endurance athlete, especially when it comes to swimming, I’m a fish.  But running… oh it’s a project to say the least! 

I started running in 2003, and ever since, it’s always been a challenge for me.  I had a lot of friends and support.  However, at my very first high school cross country meet, I never made it to the finish line.  I woke up in an ambulance.  After running in 100+ degree weather, I had suffered a heat stroke.  Just like everything my mom’s ever taught me, I “got back on the horse.”  I finished the season running 10-12 minute miles (ie: not that good.) But, I was awarded the Most Improved Runner!  I was thrilled!

Since then,  I’ve competed in a few sprint distance triathlons, several 5ks, and 2 mini marathons.  Here’s a photo of my talking running buddy, Krissy, and me at the 2010 Derby Festival Mini Marathon in Louisville, KY. 


This weekend, I’ll be running with ZirMed’s Team in a 200-mile relay on the Bourbon Trail in scenic Kentucky, the 2010 Bourbon Chase.  


Next weekend, I’ll be running for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Run Like Hell!  My mom was able to score some toe tags from the morgue, so I’m working on a sweet costume!  Will post photos later!


So needless to say… it’s me or the house.  Out Running… I’ll be on a house-hiatus for while.  Wish me luck! 



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  1. Oh Natalie ... I wish you sincere good luck in your upcoming races. Running has always fascinated me as I've always been challenged trying to do it! Give me a sport that requires good eye/hand coordination and I'm good to go, but the endurance that running requires ~ well let's just say, it's not for me! I bow to your ability and your "never quit" attitude! YOU GO GIRL!