{ checking back }

Hi, all! We are alive over here at A Bungalow Project! Since I began my new job, I've had many new experiences and a very busy schedule! Our bungalow has become a home I truly live in and use every day.  Can you believe it's been 6 months since I blogged?  It has flown by for me.  Here's what you've missed. 

  • Throughout January and April, I learned how to do taxes and coordinated a free tax program for families in our community who could not afford to pay someone to do their taxes... a difficult and rewarding project for sure.
  • Riley-dog (our mini dacshound) learned how to knock over our trash can as a puppy, and he still knocks it over every day.  I love my dog and our SimpleHuman lid-locking trash can. Here he is sitting so sadly on top of the suitcase before a trip.
  • Donated ten inches of my long hair to Locks of Love on April 1st.  I posted a prank pic of me in an extremely short style wig (think MiMi from Real Housewives of Atlanta) on my Facebook page, and my friends freaked.  It was fun dontating to a great cause and teasing my friends.  My hair is actually still shoulder length.
  • My husband's best friend planned a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya, and we took the trip of a lifetime.  I can't tell you the last time I felt that peaceful and happy!
  • I met a few "celebs"...
  • Ran my 3rd mini marathon with my dearest friends...
  • Bet on horses in Louisville on Derby Day (attending the actual Derby is still on the bucket list.)
  • Although I have lived in Indiana my entire life, I finally went to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time.  I'm not really into racing, but a local radio station chose our charity as their charity of choice for the Media Pit Crew Challenge where the winner receives a $5,000 donation for their charity.  We were about 6 seconds and a bad lugnut away from winning!
  • Found some warm weather to start working outside on our home again... my boulevard petunias are beautiful!
  • And, just celebrated my 25th birthday!
Can't wait to catch up and see what I've missed from you and get some great ideas for ABP this summer!!