{ i heart bungalows }

I had no idea that I loved them until I visited my friend Hollie's home a few years ago. 
It was love at first sight...

Our Craftsman bungalow

Be sure to check out Hollie's site and house tour at I'm Busy Procrastinating!

A few months later, while house hunting with my husband, we found our first home... a bungalow on a boulevard of many others.  I couldn't wait to show Hollie photos at work and hope to steal bits and pieces of her ideas when I could. 

I just can't get enough of bungalows by living in one or by stepping outside and looking at the neighbors', so I continue to find inspiration and ideas for our home get my bungalow fix here:

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Aww ... shucks. Thanks for the compliments. And now I've got to check out all of those other bungalow sites!