{ Red. White. Blue. }

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays because of the fireworks.  My family is home to a few pyromaniacs, so I’ve always had a great display for every fourth and special family holidays {weddings, graduations, etc.}

Riley 07.04.2010

4th of July

This year the Fourth was spent in our new home, and I took advantage of the long weekend to work on a few projects!

ABP’s 4th of July Projects:

  • Flowers on Steps ($1.00/pot + paint pots with chippy white paint + small chalkboard squares painted on to the chippy white flower pots + chalk to describe flowers, our last name, and address numbers! = super cute walkway for the mailman, aka riley’s nemesis)


  • Project Motivation :) Red & White Drinks + Way Cute Red White & Blue Straws in Ball Jar


  • Flowers in Hanging Baskets

hanging basket 2

  • Pulled the Weeds

hanging basket

  • Boulevard Flowers: Everyone living in the Boulevards has an opportunity to claim a Boulevard Planter, but it’s first come first serve.  I planted these babies in late May, but they are just blooming so well, I had to post.  Plus, it’s a miracle they’ve made it till July and are holding strong… another reason to celebrate!!

    White Flowers

Last thing… I have a Red Dilemma: To keep or not to keep the front door red/burgundy, paint it a bolder true red, paint in black, or other ideas?

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