Work. Work. Work. { Painting and A Bungalow Project Gets a New Address }

So, our porch is actually making some vivid progress now, and I’d like to share these photos.  Our rails are painted once (one more coat to go!) Last week, I really had difficulty honing in on the right photos from my previous post to inspire our porch.  Just a side note here to say thanks each of you who helped me comment on the pictures.  Especially Mike for putting up with me and coming along for the ride; Hollie… I love your input and your New Old Craftsman; and Jojeana at Secret Garden Cottage… your comments are really appreciated and blog is full of amazing ideas! THANKS!!

Well, the inspiration winner is definitely Riverside Cottage!!

riverside cottage



And, one coat of paint and primer later:

Porch After

Our bungalow also got a “new address” this weekend! 

Before: Black, painted, rotten wood numbers.

Moving In

After: New floating numbers.

ABP's new address

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the joy of our new home! 

Always, Natalie


  1. looks great girl, i knew you could do it ..love ya from your mother-n-law norma

  2. Very nice, Natalie. Looks great. Love ya!

  3. very nice!! How exciting! love you!

  4. WAHOO! looks awesome sissy! i'll help you wire some LED's to light up behind those numbers for a soft glow! after all they are floating! :D

  5. Thanks you all for the nice comments and ideas! (Keep 'em coming!!)